3CX delivers a complete voicemail software feature through its award-winning phone system for Windows, Linux and the Cloud. This easy to install, configure and manage software, that works with popular SIP phones, VoIP gateways and VoIP providers, is ideal for businesses that are looking to deploy IP telephony while incorporating a modern voicemail service.

Voicemail capabilities are usually costly add-ons to a phone system. Nevertheless, 3CX includes it as a standard feature and notifies you in your softphone and smartphone client when a voicemail is received. As well as a standard voicemail service, 3CX includes voicemail to email; converting your voicemails into .wav audio files and delivering them straight to your email inbox.

Is your inbox usually full of messages? Not to worry. 3CX organizes everything and lists them with the date, time and name of the person leaving you the message so you can easily pick out and listen to your most important voicemails. And what’s more, you can do this quickly and easily from the user-friendly interfaces of the softphones or smartphone clients.

3CX’s voicemail software feature offers businesses a telephone platform with the capability to successfully deliver cost-saving services such as:

  • Auto-attendant / digital receptionist
  • Voice messaging
  • Fax
  • Unified Messaging (voice messages to email)

Whether you have standard telephone lines or are using VoIP services in your business, 3CX IP PBX’s built-in voicemail software provides the ultimate voicemail solution to evolve your business communications.