Reliable IT solutions & internet/intranet service provider in Malaysia

Established in June 2015, as one of the managed IT solutions and internet/intranet service provider in Malaysia, KS IT specializes in enterprise IT, server and network connectivity services. Based in Kuala Lumpur with wireless network presence in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor, we offer a comprehensive suite of connectivity services, consisting of wireless or wired managed internet/intranet, fibre leased lines and international leased circuit. KS IT also offers cost-effective data centre services to enterprises with our colocation partners.

A crucial component of our asset is our wholly-owned, full-fledged robust microwave wireless internet network in Klang Valley, KL, Penang and Johor. This is a fully resilient and high-performing gigabit network that anchors our core wireless broadband connectivity services in Malaysia. Our wireless internet network has extensive range and coverage in major part of the central business districts and industrial zones that enables us to provide high quality wireless broadband connectivity services with exceptional support services.

Most importantly, KS IT has performed through researched on the pricing options and deals currently available in the market and we can confidently promote our competitive offers. Some providers may offer discounts to new customer or advertise their 24/7 customer support, while others may charge you by the hour for the technical supports. But with KS IT, new customers can enjoy special bundled pricing or customized package based on own requirements whereas existing customers can opt for special upgrades. Moreover, we provide FREE customer supports with a guaranteed 24/7 service. To provide a form of assurance to our valued customers, KS IT even offers Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) and/or Service Level Guarantee (“SLG”) to guarantee a service uptime of 99.3% to 99.9%.

There may be a variety of factors to consider when deciding your preferred internet service providers; your internet speed requirements may significantly narrow down your selections while your location may rule out certain providers all together. But with KS IT, we have a team of professional sales personnel that can assist you to customize the best service package per your requirements with a best value price tag!